We have been doing formal reloading classes for a long time. There have been hundreds of students who have completed our 9 hour hands-on class. Many of them have had some wonderful things to say. Here are just a few:

“I felt compelled to follow up with my experience or take on the content and your presentation of the NRA metallic cartridge reloading class . There are a number of adjectives that come to mind, extremely thorough, (in my mind the most important) , a clear understandable presentation of the information required for a serious endeavor. Reloading for me over my years of participating in shooting sports always seemed a fairly intimidating proposition, there are a lot of things that can go wrong! I have read about them, seen pictures of guns blown up, and the physical injuries that are possible. I would have to say that your presentation of the operations required to produce high quality precision ammo on my own completely eliminated those anxieties. I can’t imagine getting started without this course. The guidance in purchasing the correct equipment, and suggestions on preferred methods of achieving my goals , precision rifle ammo, gave me the confidence to move forward and get started. It was a very enjoyable day and I left your shop with an overwhelming amount of info and a solid understanding of the procedures required. Can’t ask for anymore. Your decades of experience are apparent and you did a great job of sharing it. Thanks again.”  D. Stahl

“What a great class. I have only been shooting handguns for a year and had no experience in reloading. I was afraid it would be confusing and over my head. Orville broke down all the information, concisely, making it very easy to understand. It’s also nice to know that I can call or email if I run into a snag. I can now fully participate in a specialty shooting group with my own ammunition.”  N. Dingman

“I really appreciated Orville’s willingness to split the class into two shorter days for me. My medical condition would have otherwise prevented me from taking the class. I was able to easily handle the two days, and took breaks as needed to make the days work for me. I wouldn’t have been able to do the class otherwise. The hands on approach, along with full discussions of the theory and process resulted in a much more efficient learning experience.”  S. Rossoni

“I have wanted to start reloading and even purchased some equipment. However, I was worried about safety. Especially concerned since much of the on-line information was confusing to me. This class was easy to understand, and an excellent course. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to reload ammunition. I would have saved some money if I had taken the class before buying what I bought. Orville included a coupon for 15% off any purchases at two local reloading supply shops”  C. Swaggerty

“I have been reloading for about 25 years. I learned much more than I thought I knew. The instructor taught me the proper ways to do the steps.”    D. Johnson

“The instructor is very experienced, and handled the students in a way that each person had an amazing amount of attention. The hands-on experience for assembling ammunition was priceless. I will recommend this class to everyone who owns a gun.”   G. Tonnesson

“The knowledge of the instructor was limitless. I look forward to taking an advanced rifle class.”
D. Warren

“The step by step hands-on nature of the class was exactly what I needed. I learn best by doing.”
H. Foley

When I met Orville, I had not reloaded for over a decade and wanted to get back to it.  However, even though I did my research and re-read my books, I found that I wasn’t as confident as I wanted to be.  Serendipitously, I found out that Orville Deutchman was giving a presentation about his soon-to-be started reloading classes.  Just what I wanted!!  My husband and I attended, met Orville, and explained the situation.   We attended his class. He has been reloading for years and teaching reloading for years.  As he taught and explained, he made sure that we understood and were comfortable with each step.  He wanted us to be successful with our reloading experience.
    Orville is not only an experienced reloader, he is an experienced shooter, so he brings an abundance of knowledge and information to his classes.  Everything in the class is hands-on, backed up by his step by step book.  He explains everything in easy to understand language and does not talk over your head.  If you don’t understand, he can explain it differently so each person will know the procedure.  He also makes his own bullets and does types of shooting that I find amazing!
graciously came to two of our Well Armed Woman functions. At one he brought some reloads and allowed our guests to see how mild the recoil can be shooting a formidable looking gun!  He later came to one of our meetings and explained the basic how and why of reloading.
And when you are done with his class, and run into problems he doesn’t mind if you call or email for help.  All in all, you cannot beat the benefits of this class and the best benefit is having Orville as your instructor!  Val Thompson

“I would recommend this course to any gun owner wanting to reload. People should take this course prior to buying any reloading equipment”         S. Horner

I liked how Orville made the imposing task of reloading easy to understand and less frightening. Orville explained everything so well and answered all of my questions in great detail. The class was fun.
Molly and Chris Petit

“The instructor took time to answer and explain my questions. The class size allowed the instructor to customize the class for each student”     S. Schneider

“Orville, I would like to thank you for providing a very informative, hands-on class this past Saturday. I was thoroughly impressed with your methodical approach to an inhererntly dangerous pastime. If you ever need a reference, you may use my name freely.”    J. Dumont

I am a class 6 manufacturer of commercial ammunition. I signed up for the class to get a certificate for my insurance company. Orville taught me a lot about the statistical process control and record keeping. It was very well worth the reasonable fee for the class.    J. Holt

“What I liked most was the experience and knowledge of the instructor”     M. Olsen

“Orville was willing to schedule a last minute class for me, and the one on one care was most beneficial”   D. Vaughn

“This class totally eliminated my fear factor toward reloading. I feel confident in pursuing this aspect of the shooting sports now. Wish I had taken this class years ago”     R. Corbett