* Cast Lead Bullet Casting Class Saturday, February 29th 2020

The date for the Cast Lead Bullet Casting Class is Saturday, February 29th, 2020, starting promptly at 09:00.
Pre-registration is required for participation.

The class will begin at 09:00. I suggest that you plan on arriving at 08:30. The location for the Lead Bullet Casting Class is 1595 East Minnesota Ave in Deland, FL  32724. When through the gate, drive slowly all the way to the back of the property. The gate for the property will be open for your arrival. Please be on time. If you are going to be horribly late, please call 386-753-8898, and we will come and let you in. The owner has requested that we follow this for security reasons. The class should end at approximately 5:00 PM

The class will include training and instruction on the following subjects:

  • Safety discussions. Handling hot lead can be dangerous if not prepared. We will have a safety meeting prior to the start of the class, and will focus on safety factors during the entire event. We will provide safety equipment as suitable for your safety. However, we will also require that you sign a “Hold Harmless” agreement for participation. This is the same sort of agreement that everyone signs when doing any activities that have any risk. I have done many of these classes over the years, and no one has ever been injured.
  • Gathering lead alloys. Where, how, and what types
  • Sorting the raw materials – especially important for the lead wheel weights that you can collect
  • “Smelting” of the raw alloys to remove the impurities (sand, grit, and other impurities that could damage your lands and grooves), and producing “ingots” for your casting pot
  • Alloying of lead to provide a proper alloy for your casting needs
  • Success with Cast Lead Bullets requires three factors, we will cover all of these during the class
    • Hardness of the alloy, with regard to the muzzle velocity
    • Sizing of the alloy, relative to the bore diameter
    • Lubrication of the bullets, to prevent lead fouling
  • Methods for testing hardness of alloys
  • Selection and preparation of a mold.
    • Where to get molds, and what is a good mold vs a not so good mold
  • Types of molds, solid molds vs hollow point Cramer types. Aluminum, brass, iron molds
  • Preparing and adjusting molds
  • Tools and accessories for casting lead bullets, including casting pots, PIDs, dippers, use of a mold tapper
  • Methods for producing good castings (you will cast some lead bullets, which you can take home and use, limited selection. This is a hands on class)
  • Lubricizing cast bullets ( discussion and use of machines for finishing the castings, making them ready for use)
  • Making and buying bullet lube
  • Use of Gas Checks, what they are, how to use them, and why to use them
  • Assembling cast lead bullets into Pistol and Rifle cartridges
  • Load data for cast lead bullets is different than for jacketed or plated or coated bullets. Complete discussion of where to get safe load data for cast lead bullets
  • Storage of finished bullets
  • Cautions regarding sale of cast lead bullets – Typically, a Class 6 license is required to sell (for profit) cast lead bullets, or any bullets.

The class fee is $50 per participant, and will include all materials for the day’s needs. Bring your own lunch and beverage. You will cast some lead bullets, and finish them, all under expert guidance, and be able to take them home at the end of the day. Selection of bullet types is limited, but will provide knowledge for the process.

Pre-registration is required for participation. Please use the following form to sign up for the class. Payment of the $50 per participant fee is required as soon as you send in the form. Upon receipt of your form and payment, we will send you a confirming email. Pre-registration closes February 22nd to allow time for final payments to arrive, and for preparation of materials for the day.

The form below IS the registration form!

Payment of the $50 class fee may be made in one of three ways:

  1. PayPal Friends and Family to:   instructor@floridareloading.com    < MY recommendation
  2. Check or US Post Office Money Order (if Money Order, only US Post Office money orders will be accepted) made out to:
    Orville Deutchman
    5620 Wilson Drive
    Port Orange, FL  32127
  3. Cash in an envelope – the worst method

All proper safety equipment will be used and on hand for participants for the day. It’s our goal to keep everyone safe with using 750+ degree molten lead. However, we will have all participants also sign a “Hold Harmless” agreement, the same as you would sign doing most any other outdoor activities that has any risk whatsoever.

See this page for additional details regarding the class:
Additional Details for the Cast Lead Bullet Casting Class


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