Custom Reloading Class

This is a 4 hour class, and will focus on specific cartridge details of interest to the student. This class is only available to students who already have a level of proficiency for pistol and/or rifle reloading.

This class is scheduled to the students specific schedule needs. The instructor and student will have discussion prior to the class, and will determine the content for the class.

The fee for this class is $125, payable when you schedule a class date.


  • Student requires additional knowledge for accurately developing rifle loads, tuned to a specific rifle.
  • Student wants to learn techniques for reloading 357 Sig, an otherwise advanced pistol cartridge.
  • Student wants to further develop an accurate load for 7.62X51 with Lake City brass. Students own attempts have resulted in chambering issues.
  • Student desires specific powder or bullet recommendations for a pistol or rifle cartridge.


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