Rifle Only Class

This class is for students who have rifle reloading skills, but desire additional training on a specific cartridge, or need a refresher class on rifle reloading. It is a pre-requisite that the student have previously attended my Basic Reloading Class. This class is especially helpful for students who buy a new rifle in one of the newer chamberings (6.5 creedmore, for example) where limited documented information is available. I can guide you through powder and bullet selection. I can also provide alternative powder and bullet options depending on your reloading goals (hunting, long distance target, etc).

This is a 6 hour class.

Topics include:

  • Component selection – Including the single most important step in making accurate rifle ammo
  • Proper brass sorting and case prep – The key to consistency and long tool and brass life
  • Load selection – Learn why some loads are accurate and others are not
  • Gauges & Tools – Because you can’t fix what you can’t measure
  • Sizing rimmed & belted cases – When following the standard directions isn’t always the best thing to do
  • Loading for long range shooting – Including Load Development Steps specific to your cartridge of interest
  • Review of Pressure Signs – How to know when to back off
  • Testing and Record keeping

Must have attended and completed Basic Reloading Class

Fee for this Rifle Only class is $125, per person, payable at the time you reserve a seat for a class.

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